A new blog...

I have written personal blogs before - or story blogs. My previous blogs have all had one thing in common: an end date. My previous blogs coincided with experiences that were bound by time - usually a trip that I was on, or a new place that I was visiting. 

What about a blog about this place?

I am blessed to live in a place which, depending on who you ask, might be called the Pacific North West, the Canadian West Coast, Nuu-chaa-nulth Nation, Beautiful British Columbia, or the Greater Vancouver area. Where I live it is mostly green, it rains a lot, we have mountains, ocean, and more coffee shops than we need (although we do not complain about this... we just feel happy about it).

What about an ode to this place? What about the stories that I live out all the time?

This blog is a bit of an experiment, and a bit of a personal challenge for myself to be intentional about noticing the world around me every day. I work as a wedding and portrait photographer, and when I am photographing someone or an event intentionally, I am so mindful of the space that I am in, or the people that I am with. I want that same intentionality to make its way into the way that I see my own life. 

So, the long story short is that I love this place, and I want to show it to you. I want to practice noticing real-life-every-day-unposed things. I love telling stories.

Thank you for stopping by my blog!

Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island