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My name is Kylie, and I live in beautiful British Columbia. I love photographing people and places. One of my favourite experiences as a photographer is being able to take a photo, show it to my client, and see their face light up as they say, “wow, I actually look really good in that!” I love showing people that they are awesome.

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I love making jokes. My baby daughter thinks I am hilarious. My husband gives me sympathy laughs. I love holding a warm drink while having a conversation. I love telling stories, and I love listening to the stories of others (*with a warm drink, of course).

I began photographing weddings professionally over 10 years ago and have really had the best clients ever. Weddings, newborns, maternity, families, graduations, birthdays, engagements… just to name a few. I am so honoured to have been involved in so many special days, for so many wonderful people.

One of my personal photography dreams is to pursue more adventure, nature, and travel photography - just for the sake of my own creative spirit. I started the Hey Coasty blog so that I could spend some time capturing this other love. In July 2018, my daughter was born and many things in my life were put on hold as we navigated new parenthood! We plan to continue adventuring together - next stop is Scotland this summer!

I would love to hear your stories and answer your photography questions. Feel free to drop me a line under the contact tab :)