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My name is Kylie, and I live in beautiful British Columbia. I began loving photography when I was a teenager and inherited my dad's film camera. I have been pursuing that dream ever since, studying photography at a post-secondary level and working as a portrait and event photographer. Although my work has taken a digital turn, the excitement I feel about capturing moments remains the same. 

Some things to know about me...

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  • I try to exist somewhere between silliness and sincerity. 
  • My favourite thing about photography being able to show people things that they like about themselves.  
  • Alongside Visual Arts, I studied Geography in University. I love being outside. I love travelling. I love people and culture. I started the Hey Coasty blog so that I could spend some time capturing this other love.
  • I love most hot drinks. Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate all have their place in my liquid intake. My favourite drink is probably a half-sweet-vanilla-nonfat-latte.... but usually I drink black coffee.
  • I married a man named Adam. We wrote and recorded our 'First Dance' song which, if you are interested, you can find here. We love adventuring together as often as we get the chance.