Here we go!

This summer was a bit different for me. 

For seven weeks Adam and I pursued a travelling dream. We explored new places, and reunited with old friends. A few other friends joined us along the way. For seven weeks we lived out of carry-on-sized backpacks, and we probably didn't smell very good. We swam in the Adriatic Sea, and we watched puffins dive for fish in the Arctic Ocean. We hiked in the shadow of the Matterhorn, and we saw the remnants of Pompeii in the shadow of Vesuvius. We ate some fabulous meals, and we also ate a lot of granola bars. All in all, we had an incredible adventure - and now we are back.

I really love the Earth. What an interesting and beautiful planet we inhabit, and what a privilege it is to explore it. Adam and I already have very fond memories of the adventure we have had this summer. We also really love British Columbia, and are happy to be home - and look forward to a few end-of-summer hikes here if we can fit them in. 

I will be blogging our European journey on the Hey Coasty blog, but I thought I would post one picture here to explain the radio silence this summer. Here I am, in one of my favourite cities. 

I hope all of your summers have been fulfilling and fun. Let's take some time to soak in those last summertime rays before life gets going again. September, here we go!

Venice, 2017

Venice, 2017