Vintage Murrays

I spent many years teaching swimming lessons. One summer, I taught Lochlan. Lochlan is probably one of the coolest kids out there - his go-getter attitude made him a really fun student. I was thrilled when I got an email from his parents asking about a family photo shoot. When describing her family, Lynda used the word 'granola' as an adjective, and I knew it was going to be a great shoot. These folks dream of the country. Lochlan is an expert gardener (I asked him what he grew, expecting the list to stop at 3 items.... it just kept going!) and the kids wandered the field with confidence. This was a FUN shoot. 

Farms, family, and a fire... life is good my friends, life is good. 

The Murray's requested a vintage/grainy/film look so I tried it out for some of these images. It is a new look for Patchwork Media, but I am digging it so far as an additional variation. What do you think?

Thanks Murrays for sharing your story with me. Being with your family was inspiring.