Engagements: Danika & Jon

I am a big fan of these two. I have known Jon since he came came home with my younger brother when they were both in grade 3. I felt a sense of duty in my big-sister role, preparing them snacks and making sure they stayed out of trouble. Time has passed, but their friendship has remained. I was overjoyed when Jon and Danika asked me to take pictures at their wedding this summer. 

Lighthouse Park has been a special place in Jon and Danika's relationship. It is the location of numerous dates, and also the location where Jon asked Danika to marry him. It was a perfect spot for their engagement photos. Jon and Danika are adventurous, and kind. Their shoot involved bush-wacking, rock-climbing, and a lot of laughing. I have no doubt that there will be incredible adventures ahead for these two. 

Thanks for a fun shoot J&D!