She Defines Strength - Christine Tulloch

This shoot was unlike any shoot I have ever done. 

I have known the Tullochs for about 16 years. Bonnie & Karen Tulloch were in the same AWANA group as me when we were all kids. I was reunited with the twins as a teenager, when we were all hired as Lifeguards. Our friendship grew deeper and more awesome. Bonnie & Karen were the MCs at my wedding a few years ago, and I have partnered with Karen for a few shoots along the way for Soul Muscle Fitness. They are also just wonderful friends - these people are awesome. 

Christine Tulloch is B&K's older sister. This woman is a warrior in every wonderful sense of the word. Christine is in her second battle with cancer - and her presence inspires courage and perseverance like no one else I know. When I was asked if I would help make a video of Bonnie and Karen shaving Christine's hair and I immediately said yes. These three have some major sister power. 

This shoot was an emotional and humbling experience for me - and I was so honoured to be part of it. Go team Christine! Thank you for inviting me into your life in this way. 

Special thanks to the lovely florist Kaye Fleur for the flower crown! We all loved it!