Bits and Pieces - a Tale of Patchwork

Life is made up of bits and pieces. 

I have been reflecting on the name Patchwork Media. When I think about my life, it seems a bit like a Patchwork sometimes - a bunch of bits and pieces all stitched together, or a bunch of stories that somehow fit together. One of my favourite things about photography is being able to capture some of these bits and pieces for people - some snippets from the larger story of their lives. 

So, here is a story: one of the patches of my quilt. 

This particular patch is also about a quilt.

When I was 9 years old, I wanted to make a quilt. I announced my plan and was told that I should wait - that I should wait to make a quilt until someone could do it with me. I was told to wait until I had a pattern, a mentor, and a more well-crafted plan than: "I will use the scraps, and I will make a quilt".

In reflection, these were all excellent pieces of advice and I probably should have taken them... If I had followed this advice, the quilt would probably have looked a lot better than the one pictured above. If I had followed the advice, I probably would have learned more about sewing and quilting...and patience. However, I didn't follow the advice. 

Something inside of 9-year-old-me needed to prove I could do it - and do it my way. I gathered the scraps and set about my plan - independently. I cut squares (most were more like rectangles) and sewed them all together. When I was done, everyone was shocked and probably annoyed that I hadn't waited like I had been told to... but I don't remember that part of the story. I do remember that my granny ended up helping me finish the edges so it looked a little more tidy and complete. I am sure there were a few sighs, and a few 'oh Kylie...'s along the way, but I felt that I had really accomplished something great. My mismatched quilt is still precious to me today. When I look at it I just laugh...

... then I shake my head and think, "what a rascal. You're lucky that you have such an awesome Granny."

Then, I smile, knowing that the things that motivated 9-year-old-me are the things that still motivate me today. I still love to create things. I love to do things that are stretching for me, or that I have never done before. I love the idea of being a go-gettor, of getting things done, and proving that I can do it. Even though I shake my head at my younger self, we are not so different, she and I.

If life is like a patchwork, then here is a patch from my quilt - one of the stories that make up 'me'. My mismatched quilt reminds me that I am a bit silly, that the practice of patience is one I should practice more often, and that when all is said and done, it is ok to let people help you. You end up with a better quilt, anyway.